I would rather smell of nothing than of perfume


i finished reading perfume by patrick suskind this morning and it was…o.k. i don’t know maybe i’m just suffering from over-hype syndrome but it’s one of those books that everyone who’s read it has told me they loved it and several people have told me is their ‘favourite’ book . i read it with anticipation and thought it was… o.k. certainly not bad, i did enjoy it but it really didn’t rock my world either. i found it sort of trundled through the plot and was just unusual enough an idea to keep me reading untill the end but with no great need to know what happened next. the central character (and particularly his steady acession from the gutter through dubious practice and luck) really reminded me of steerpike from gormenghast – a book which i confess i enjoyed far more. maybe if i hadn’t been expecting so much i wouldn’t be so harsh on it – but it just didn’t really ‘do it’ for me.


0 thoughts on “I would rather smell of nothing than of perfume

  1. yes – thank you! numerous people have in the past recommended it to me with high praise but I can’t get past the first chapter or so – not gripping in the slightest and central character is distasteful, and not in a good way. know what you mean about the ‘steerpike’ qualities – but perhaps steerpike is redeemed by forevermore being represented by jonathan rhys myers in our minds, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!

  2. i opened my first comment on this post with trepidation – i was sure i was going to get livid disagreement! i promise that i did read gormenghast and have not merely been dazzled by the delights of mr rhys myers’ cheekbones – but aaah yes, jonathan rhys myers: sweet, sweet jonathan rhys myers.


    sorry, i sort of lost it for a moment there…

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