so it was with excitment and singing-along of the theme tune that i sat down to watch new earth (the first episode of the new series of doctor who) on saturday night and whilst i really enjoyed the episode i didn’t think it was one of the strongest. russell t davies has certain strengths with regards to contemporising the show and adding splashes of borderline adult humour (that and ressucitating the whole damn thing of course!) but his scripts often have a certain ‘plastic-ey’ feel to them. they tend to seem somewhat flimsy and throwaway (well, more throwaway..) with a propensity toward the schmaltsy – like minature hollywood star-vehicles. this said the parting of the ways was fantastic so i know he has it in him. i’m pinning all of my hopes for torchwood on this… it may just be personal taste too though as my preffered episodes have all been the slightly darker ones such as the empty child and the unquiet dead.

on the plus points – i love, love, love, love david tennant as the doctor and can tell that he and billie piper are going to be an awesome couple (and no, i don’t mean that in the biblical sense) i thought the mind swapping stuff was fun (particularly when the doctor was posessed) and enough tantalising crumbs were dropped with the face of boe to keep me intriuged.

the trailer for tooth and claw looked great too so i’m still a happy bunny…

you can read more reviews here and download an episode commentary here

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