They call us babes in arms. But we are babes in armour.


There a couple of interesting articles here and here regarding the increased marketing of grown-up clothes and behaiviour to pre-teens. i do believe this is a huge problem and would also add to it the ever younger age at which we are having children sit ‘vital’ exams and school tests. i think expecting 16 year olds to pick degree courses is often ludicrous enough but this ‘your-future-depends-on-it’ pressure seems to be being pushed ever younger – which coupled with the inevitable kick-back (helped along by the fashion/media marketing described in the above articles) does seem to be creating a generation of rather jaded mini-me’s. the saddest part of it for me is the description by a teacher (in the bbc article) of the reluctance to play and how children instead just stand around comparing mobile phones.

british bulldog might have been a tad violent but at least it was fun



0 thoughts on “They call us babes in arms. But we are babes in armour.

  1. It starts so young, my wee girl is eighteen months old and you can buy some really vampy outfits for girls her age. By the time you get to three, the slut look is not a problem to find in even the most conservative of stores…

    We called British bulldog Red Rover.

  2. i’m actually particularly aware of the clothes thing because i’m very short (4 ft 9 – even shorter than kylie!) and tend to wear childrens clothes most of the time. i am constantly terrified by the things you can get for pre-teen girls. fishnet tights, high heeled knee-high boots, leather skirts … the whole shebang. for a three year old though? jesus.

    i apreciate that mothers are under the ‘i want’ pressure but i get the impression that women often think it’s ‘cute’ to see these little dressed-up girls. i saw a girl in a shop the other day who can’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old who was wearing a full face of make-up (considerably better applied than my own i might add) and it just scared the bejeesus out of me.

    i used to notice it most (the ‘slut’ look) in – i choose my words carefully- the chav/ned/white trash (whatever you call it ) families. but recently i have noticed it far more in the well off middle/upper class families who have these little ‘it girl’ children with the tiny skirts, perfect hair and make-up, mobile phones, purses full of money etc..

     there’s also an interesting article here regarding how most young people think they have a shot at fame and would ‘drop out’ to pursue this. i know it’s a whole other subject, but the entire world does seem to think they should be celebrities. age 18 and in ‘heat’ magazine for nothing but shopping. euugh.

    sorry, i think i’m in a bit of a grumpy mood today.

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