Hey Sanna Hosanna Sanna Sanna Hey…


from the bbc news site:

“Manchester re-enacts Crucifixion

The play features Mancunian music from the past 30 years
The story of the Crucifixion is being re-enacted in Manchester on Good Friday to the accompaniment of music from the likes of Oasis and New Order.
Manchester Passion is a contemporary retelling of the last hours of Jesus’s life through the city’s musical output.

Actors will carry an eight-metre luminous cross through the streets to Albert Square, where the passion play will be performed.

Crowds will be encouraged to join in with songs such as New Order’s Blue Monday, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, by The Smiths, and the Oasis anthem Wonderwall.

The play features Jesus singing Love Will Tear Us Apart. Primal Scream vocalist Denise Johnson plays the Virgin Mary and Tim Booth, lead singer of James, plays Judas. Darren Morfitt, star of Dog Soldiers, plays Jesus, and Nicholas Bailey, who was Dr Antony Trueman in EastEnders, is Peter. Among the highlights are Jesus singing Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart at the Last Supper and the Virgin Mary performing M People’s Search For The Hero.

Manchester Passion is live on BBC Three from 2100 BST on Good Friday and repeated on BBC Two at 2300 BST ”

o.k, so any religious opinion aside, does this or does this not sound like the naffest thing ever. it was the sentence “the Virgin Mary performing M People’s Search For The Hero” that gave me the screaming heebie jeebies. if you hear a distant rumble it’s not the stone being rolled away it’s ian curtis spinning in his grave…



0 thoughts on “Hey Sanna Hosanna Sanna Sanna Hey…

  1. that’s exactly what i thought… i actually checked the date to make sure! but sadly, no it has in fact allready happened..

    luminous cross.



    i need to stop thinking about it.

    it’s making my head hurt.

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