Could do better…


i got an ‘A’ for ‘acceptable’…


0 thoughts on “Could do better…

  1. oh, it’s gone now i’m afraid… but i think there will probably be more to come. have you been on jkr’s website before? well if you click on the eraser on her desk it takes you to a room with a closed door on front of you. usually the door has a ‘do not disturb’ sign on it but every so often it disapears meaning that the door is ‘open’ there is usually a bit of a puzzle to open it and then there will be something – usually new book information or a ‘prize’ for fans – inside. this time we got the W.O.M.B.A.T test. when we finished be got a code which gave us our test results a week later. it was pretty hard! it wasn’t so much just trivia as potter-verse ‘common sense’ questions and so on (it was intended to test whether you had ‘basic magical knowledge’ – sort of whether you’d be capable of living in the magic world!) and it was on a timer! it was fun though… much better than the usual ‘what colour are harry’s eyes’ type questions. i don’t think anyone transcribed it (because of the timer thing) but if they did i’ll post it.

    i’m pretty sure the door will open again soon(ish) though.. this is how she released the title to the last book…

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