The unnatural, that too is natural


apple have announced the release of their ‘boot camp’ software which will allow users to run windows-xp on the new intel-based macs. i think this will be great news in terms of giving all those nearly-switchers (and i know a few) the final push into getting a mac. it will also be great for all those poor souls who are mac users at home but forced to use pc’s at work. you have to wonder how it will affect the hithertoo virus-free state of the mac world though… don’t let them bring their pc plagues!!!

however, it’s all rather academic to me so far as i would never sully my shiny white darlings in such a way… windows on a mac… it’s just not not natural (*wink*)

there are some interesting opinions in the ‘have your say’ section of ‘bbc news’ here and a good article here


0 thoughts on “The unnatural, that too is natural

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the beginning of the end for MacOS. Or maybe the beginning was the move to Intel hardware. Either way, the end is nigh.

    I’m not a Mac person, but I feel your pain. I felt the same way when Palm first announced a Windows Mobile-powered Treo.

  2. nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo

    it’s not the end. i live in hope that all those switchers will come to see the joy that is the mac interface.


    even if i have to go out on the streets with a sandwich board…

  3. Mr. Speaker, if I might revise and extend my previous remarks…

    Right now Apple has a very strong market position as a purveyor of cool. But Apple is nearly finished as a computer manufacturer. With Apple using Intel hardware, and now dual-boot capable, how long will it be before there’s a version of MacOS that can run dual-boot on a PC? And once that happens, why buy an Apple box when you can buy a PC with OSX and Windows XP at a lower price?

    What is it you like about Mac? The operating system or the box that runs it?

  4. both.

    i find the os funtional, straight forward and user friendly. flashy in just the right places. and yes i find the design of ‘the box’ second to none. i would rather pay more for something which works inside and out. i always feel like macs have a bit of love about them and that people who love macs do in a way that goes beyond hardware into the realm of art and design. all of which does not mean it is purely the facade that hooks me. i remember reading someone on a forum say that people who find macs easier to use are just too stupid to figure out windows… and that’s just it. why should i bother?

  5. the market position merely as the purveyor of cool, is all you see from the outside.
    what it is with mac users the world over is both the box that it runs in, and how that solidity of philosophy and design flows seamlessly right through to the actual architecture of its operating system.
    when i first switched (5 years ago), i admit, i looked at osx and was totally scared, thinking i’d just cut off a limb. i took me two weeks of solid osx exploration to realise i was actually looking too hard!
    operating a mac once you understand it, is a form of enlightenment.
    once you start to deal with it, and then approach a windows machine, and interface, its like a maze of unessisary nooks, crannies, problems, dark corners, with monsters hiding in them, and to top it all off it looks ugly, and totally dated.
    what, for me, rocks about the mac, is the fact that its like an aryian computer. a master race of machinery, open one up, and look at the solid internal architecture, so neat, tidy, well designed, well thought out, compact, and above all logical.
    the internal workings of the latest edition imac, is sheer art.
    as for them at the end of computer manufacturing??? far from it, cutting edge more like.
    the remit with the last major revision of imac design was to lose the computer, mission acomplished, it cant get any more minimal than it is now, it is a thing of beauty.
    its also nice to see a range of components inside the machine, all holding hands. and not some interacial mish mash clinging to a cage.
    (forgive my metaphors, but we’re discussing machines, that dont have feelings…..yet!)
    the disdain that a lot of windows users are expressing this remarkable movement in os history, is weird, its like, apple are being looked at like some evil cult that have it all wrong! and then maybe this will allow osx to work on a pc? not the point of the excersise at all!
    as far as cults go, apple is pretty much the only product i would ever whole heartedly endorse, i beleive in it, it makes that part of my life an absolute joy, to the point it can get quite obbsessive, myself and my fellow mac users are either ‘brainwashed morons’ or we are genuinely in love with our machines, most people i know have named them, and buy furniture to compliment them at the centre pieces of their homes. surely there are reasons for this, its not just cool, honest!
    documents , files, folders, installers, uninstallers, logs, you name it everything, is as tidy inside the os as the mac is in appearance.
    tasks are so quick. and all animated smoothly like either liquid or vapour, every element in its usability is pleasing to the eye.
    the customisability is somthing a child could do to a mac. to achieve a similar experiance with windows, would take months of tweaking twiddling, downloading, installing, hacking etc. you have to make all those things work together.
    one main selling point of mac, is the plug and play ethos. and i think thats the main bug bear with pc users, is that feeling of lack of freedom, and i admit, that is the beauty (?) of the pc, its openess, but to me, its an eclectic unstable mess, you can, do anything with your mac, you can hotrod the hell out of it, and now, you can run windows on it. and when we get down to it, its really just games at the end of the day we ar really talking about.
    one thing i do hope for with the release of “leopard” is that when booting between osx and windows, apple manage to carry on the animated ‘switch user’ feature.
    it would look like pacman to tomb raider in a flashy move.

    a spokesperson for bang and olufsen once said , and i paraphrase’we know we make the best home hifis, and what we like to do is make the user grin each time he presses eject on the cd player’.
    have your cake and eat it. it tastes better everyday.

    sorry for the evangelical rant, but as you might have gathered, what it is about mac is passion. its maybe not somthing that you understand and feel with it right away. boot camp, is going to create a lot of love in the world, and windows, not microsoft, i think will become a better more linear os because of this.


  6. Make no mistake. I’m not a Windows evangelist.

    To be fair, I also think Windows is on its way down, too. Did you hear that Vista has another few bazillion lines of code? The OS market is ripe for something better. OSX for PC may end up being the very thing that kills Windows, especially with an easy dual-boot option. Ever better would be OS virtualization, where several operating systems run simultaneously and a user can switch from one to the other as fast as they can now switch applications. This would truly be the final nail in the Windows coffin. People would naturally gravitate to the fastest, most elegant OS and resort to Windows when they must.


    I miss BeOS.

  7. ” Ever better would be OS virtualization, where several operating systems run simultaneously and a user can switch from one to the other as fast as they can now switch applications”
    this is certainly true… so do you forsee a future where people pick and choose operating systems like we currently do browsers?

    p.s i was about to ask what BeOS was but i decided to google first… do you really miss it or are you just being nostalgic? like remembering chocolate white mice to taste nicer than they actually did?

  8. Yes, I do picture a future where people pick and choose operating systems. In fact, some people are doing something similar already. Emulators like VMWare allow people to run one OS from within another OS. Performance is a bit of an issue right now, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    I genuinely miss BeOS. It was powerful like Unix, elegant like Mac, and good lord was it fast. I’ve still got BeOS 5 Max r3 on my computer, but I haven’t used it in at least a year. It still works, but doesn’t fit my needs anymore.

  9. it will be great when we have that freedom. i get quite excitable about the freedom that technology offers and how it continues to expand on an almost daily basis. the world seems to be in the palm of our hands sometimes. but i still want MORE!!!

    the real question though is do you also miss white chocolate mice?

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