It Is not so much that users of psychiatric services are stripped of their rights, although some are. Sometimes the rights given to them are inappropriate or the wrong sort


this evening i saw the dvd of ‘the cramps at napa state mental hospital’ for the first time… truly one of -if not the -most gobsmakingly bizarre pockets of rock history. the quality is beyond dreadful, the sound is muddy, but oh my god its worth it! if you haven’t heard of it or didn’t believe the title it’s the cramps (one of the dirtiest, sickest, nastiest rock bands) playing live… in a mental hospital… to the residents… in 1978. no, really… check out the screencap below!

it’s like rock and roll filmed by sam rami

sheer lunatic genius.

i had a bit of a google hunt to see if i could find out more about how this strange event occurred (i just can’t picture the meeting where the whitecoats decided it would be a good idea) but there’s really not much about them online. i guess punks aren’t so handy with their keyboards…


*i should also say that ive hunted high and low to find the site those lux & poison dolls came from and i can’t find it anywhere – so if you are reading this let me know and i’ll be happy to heap praise and love on you!*


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