The real thing to fear from Napster is its simple and excellent distribution system

the bbc has revealed plans to revolutionise it’s online service. the director of the bbc’s media division is quoted as saying: “Audience needs are changing. They want to consume media on their own terms, anytime, anyplace, anyhow,” Mr Highfield told the audience at the Mix06 conference. If we want to stay relevant in the digital age, the BBC must respond to this challenge by some seriously good technological innovation, resulting in products like the iMP, through partnerships such as this one with Microsoft.” you can read the full article here…

this is great news (even if mr microsoft is the chosen partner!) and has me VERY excited. it is exactly what i’ve been waiting for and may be the kick up the arse that other entertainment companies need to get going with on demand content. good old beeb.

(as a sidenote the title quote is from ‘courtney love does the math’ which is really worth reading in full despite it being a few years old. ive posted the transcript here)


0 thoughts on “The real thing to fear from Napster is its simple and excellent distribution system

  1. oooh, exciting. i searched and searched for something like that when i started but all i could find was the suggestion to do multiple blogs with the same template – which is what ive been doing.
    i’m off to look now….

  2. Blogger is pretty much the only blog system that doesn’t have categories. is your domain, right? Have you ever considered hosting your own blog with a different system?

  3. how easy is that? i mean, the blog is really a side project/hobby/bit of fun to me and i liked the ease of use of blogger. i spend the rest of my time doing ‘proper’ web design stuff and i just want something i don’t really have to think about too much but can just kind of whack content into… lazy, i know but true!

  4. I use WordPress. For day to day use, it’s very simple and works much like Blogger. I have a test installation set up and can add you as a user if you’d like to try it out.

    Installation is a bit involved. But in my opinion it would be worth it. You’re already managing, what, nine blogs to get something approximating post categories. A little extra effort in set up would pay great dividends in usability.

    And I’d be happy to help you get everything up and running.

  5. you know, that sounds great – and you are probably right about it being worth the effort. i have thought about it before it just always filled me with a great ‘can’t be arsedness’ at the thought of actually doing it. will it be possible to retain my old posts if i do this?

    when i started the blog i had no idea whether i’d actually keep it up, whether anyone would read it or whether i’d have time to do it… but i find myself strangely addicted! it’s allready become a little routine, like morning coffee or whatever. i don’t have particularly grand aspirations for it but its still nice for something to be as good as it can be. when i started it i thought that i wouldn’t get too aesthetically involved in it (since my work is heavy on graphic design and so on) but that went out the window quite quickly and i rapidly found myself obsessing over making it look pretty! so maybe i should be paying more attention to the functionality if im in it for the long haul..

    o.k, you can help me on my great voyage towards better blogging !


  6. Yes, you can keep your old posts. WordPress has a wizard to import both posts and comments from Blogger. You can also import from more than one source.

    Drop me an e-mail ( joe at feastofcrumbs dot com ) and I’ll send you the info you need about that test blog.

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