Now, see we’re sittin’ down here , ready to negotiate. I’m still a mystery to you. But I know exactly where your ass is comin’ from

what on earth is going on… warner brothers and gary oldman (or at least his agent) appear to be using hp fansites as some kind of contractural battleground. there has been much off-on-off-on about his confirmation for order of the phoenix but untill now i always asumed this was just the usual thing of roles not being ‘officialy’ confirmed despite it being 99.99999 % positive that they will be in them. even the previous statements from wb stating that he hadn’t been confirmed didn’t really bother me. storm in a tea-cup, i thought. when they started rehearsing for the films and he hadn’t been confirmed, well.. ok.. i got a little bit nervous but i reckoned maybe they didn’t need him until later. then i read this on dissendium…

“Douglas Urbanski, of the Douglas Management Group has told Dissendium that unless an offer is made by next week, Gary Oldman will not be reprising his role as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A deadline has been put in place for early next week, Mr. Urbanski told Dissendium. He said that the desire on Warner Brother’s part has been low since the beginning, even though the money Oldman wants to reprise his role is little. He added that it is unfair for Oldman to wait, as other films have assumed he is apart of the next Potter film, and, like the rest of us, he needs work for the summer.
As of this moment, Gary Oldman is not a part of Order of the Phoenix, has never been, and unless anything changes next week, will not be a part of this”

this is just bizarre. i can’t work out what is more bizarre – the fact that wb are, it would appear, actually considering either axing or recasting sirius in oop (and if you don’t know the book the role is pivitol… no rubbish lava-faced sirius will do this time) or the fact that this little drama is being played out so publicly. cinics will say that it is a ploy on behalf of wb to generate interest in the film but it really doesnt present them in a good light. i think more likely it is mr oldman desperately trying to get his contract signed. now i’m not so romantic as to assume that it has nothing to do with money BUT he is one of the few actors in the series to show a genuine love for the books (aparantly he wore a black armband when you-know-what-but-i-wont-tell-you-if-you-dont happened) so it seems doubly strange that wb would not want him to reprise his role.

that noise you can hear? oh, that’s the fandom wailing in agony…


0 thoughts on “Now, see we’re sittin’ down here , ready to negotiate. I’m still a mystery to you. But I know exactly where your ass is comin’ from

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