Not some piece of teenage wildlife

helping add fuel to my suspicion that the most interesting autobiographies are rarely by celebrities – i have just finished ‘breakfast with tiffany’ by ed wintle which i really, really loved. i know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but i hadn’t so much as picked it up previously because of the hideous chick-lit style effort that simon and schuster have given it in the uk. as you can see the american jacket (above) is much better. it’s still in hardback here, so hopefully they will rectify this with the paperback release.
the book follows a year in the authors life when, as a fourty-something single gay man living in new york, he takes on gaurdianship of his near-criminal teenage niece tiffany. it never veers into pelzer territory and instead manages to be both entertaining, and in places, moving. his writing style reminds me very much of augusten burroughs and if you have enjoyed running with scissors and in particular dry (which conversely has a far better jacket here than in the states!) you should enjoy this. in the last chapter (no spoilers, don’t worry) he encourages tiffany to add her own chapters to his book about their first year together but she demurs saying she would rather write her own book alltogether. i hope she does – i would love to read it.


0 thoughts on “Not some piece of teenage wildlife

  1. oh, i really loved it. i think running with scissors is my favourite of the two allthough i liked dry a lot too. they have the unusual knack of dealing with quite difficult stuff but still being entertaing and sparky. i haven’t read his novel yet though…

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