She ransacked her mind but there was nothing in it

they not only FILMED the literary travesty that is blonde by joyce carol oates but they made a MINI SERIES out of it. of course they did. i could cry. blonde contains some of the worst ‘faction’ ever comitted to paper – not to mention some truly, truly awful dialouge. from the chapter titled “The President’s Pimp:”

Sure he was a pimp.
But not just any pimp. Not him!

He was a pimp par excellence. A pimp nonpareil. A pimp sui generis. A pimp with a wardrobe, and a pimp with style. A pimp with a classy Brit accent. Posterity would honor him as the President’s Pimp.

A man of pride and stature: the President’s Pimp.

At Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs in March 1962 there was the President poking him in the ribs with a low whistle. “That blonde. That’s Marilyn Monroe?”

He told the President yes it was. Monroe, a friend of his. Luscious, eh? But a little crazy.

Thoughtfully, the President asked, “Have I dated her yet?”

It also begins with officially the worst openning paragraph in a novel ever. no, really. ever.

so yeah, the mini series must be cracking good fun….

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