I didn’t want to fizzle out. I had to keep going, like a little Shetland pony

according to the gaurdian online kylie is planning a children’s book:

“It tells the story of Kylie, whose dream of becoming a showgirl princess comes true with the help of the people around her, and features photos of the star that were taken by her longtime collaborator and confidante William Baker. The hardcover will cost £12.99 and is aimed at children aged six and up although it should also appeal to her more mature fans.
Last night her publisher, Puffin, was keeping the detail of the plot under wraps but told the Guardian: “It’s not autobiographical, although Kylie does draw on her experiences. The book is for little girls who dream of dressing up and going on stage and it’s written in a tone that’s suitable for children ..”

i must admit i’m quite looking forward to this. it sounds like a load of nonsense, but in a good way. there is a rather spikey comment from author adele geras in the article saying “it doesn’t sound like a proper book, like a piece of literature. I imagine it’s like a Kylie annual, an offshoot of her music” and allthough she does go on to wish her all the best with it the implication is certainly that pop stars shouldn’t mess with books. the funny thing is that it’s the fact that it sounds so fluffy that is making me interested. part of the problem with the madonna books was that they were trying too hard to be ‘literary’ and had no sense of fun. (that and the fact that if she mentions the word kabbalah one more time i will personally strangle her with her own string bracelette.) i think that unless someone has a huge talent that they have been hiding unde a bushel then i would far rather see something glossy and ‘pop’ (which this promises to be) than a faulting atempt at child philosophy.


0 thoughts on “I didn’t want to fizzle out. I had to keep going, like a little Shetland pony

  1. A “showgirl princess?” Does that mean something different in Commonwealth countries? Here in the states a showgirl is only a small step above a stripper.

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