If I weren’t as talented as I am ambitious, I would be a gross monstrosity (edited 10/3/06)

ive had these in my photobucket and have been meaning to post them for a while. there are of course countless instances of madonna paying homage/ pastiche to marilyn or just blonde iconography in general (anti-madonna site flea dip has 9 pages dedicated to the subject!) but her usage of this imagery is usually very knowing and layered (the blonde ambition tour being a perfect case in point) however i only recently found ( on madonna shots ) this very straight (and very beautiful) ‘marilyn shoot’ that she did with steven meisel in 1991. ive tried to find the marilyn pics they are based on but have not had much luck yet. i’ll edit this post as i find them. so far i only have ‘bus stop’ and a couple from ‘the last sitting’ by bert stern.

edit: i have added the cecil beaton shot below (with her hands over her face) which a friend kindly sent me today




0 thoughts on “If I weren’t as talented as I am ambitious, I would be a gross monstrosity (edited 10/3/06)

  1. no, madonna is her own thing. they are very different animals and i would normally say that comparison was a foolish thing to do. madonna is very deliberate about how she uses imagery. i think these pictures are interesting as they are the only straight tribute i think i have seen her do. in that sense they remind me of the photos marilyn did as marlene dietrich, theda bara and so on.. have you seen those? they’re really great.
    it’s interesting sometimes to see icons looking back at theirs.
    i remember once seeing courtney on jools holland in the early nineties and marianne faithful was on the same show. there was something a little awsome about them in the same room together.

    sorry, i’ll stop now.

  2. Marilyn and Madonna are not the same, but comparisons aren’t new. Madonna is respectful enough to pay tribute to her blonde heritage by emulating MM, and is making a continuation of ‘The Blonde’ lineage by taking the archetype further. Least I think so. IMHO, Madonna is a kind of parallel universe MM: fierce, untouchable, but with the same power to hypnotise and seduce viewers. Madonna is Marilyn Monroe’s revenge.

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