Quick quotes quill anyone?

from the bbc news site : “Author Atwood invents ‘magic’ pen – Margaret Atwood is hoping to avoid writer’s cramp… Author Margaret Atwood has invented a remote-controlled pen which allows her to sign books for her fans from thousands of miles away. Autographs are signed on an electronic pad while Atwood chats to a fan via a video link. Seconds later two metal arms holding a pen reproduce the signature in the fan’s book. Atwood, 66, invented the LongPen after tiring of travelling round the world on book tours.”

i had actually scim-read this story previously but as it was in a gossipy column of a book-related magazine i foolishly thought it was sarcasm. definately one of the bizarrist things ive ever heard. i understand the urge to get autographs but for me it really has to have been ‘for’ me to have any real sentimental value. (i still have a few signed gig-tickets from my stage-door days) but do i want something that’s been signed electronically ‘thousands of miles away’? not really. some authors sign far too many books anyway, it starts to become completely pointless. like those autographed mail-outs that american soap stars (and gilderoy lockhart) used to do.
very odd.


0 thoughts on “Quick quotes quill anyone?

  1. um, yes and the ‘mocha butt’ is really something….

    er, sorry about that joefish!
    your comment reminds me of a conversation i had recently about flat headed screws and exactly what the point of them is when they don’t seem to work anywhere as easily as the star shaped ones…

    so, do you know? is there a point?

  2. They’re slightly more durable. Phillips head screws will round off easier, so flat screws are longer-lasting on parts that might be frequently fastened and unfastened.

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