I can bring it to you in 3D

i got a camera for christmas for making sterio photographs (i became a bit obsessed with them after a trip to the camera obscura in edinburgh) and it’s driving me mad that ive not had a chance to use it yet. i want to take some 3-d photos of my cat and my dolls and post them to people. you can get these great little fold-up cards with viewers attatched that you can put in the mail. i’ve also got a friend with some amazing dolfie dolls who has promised to let me photograph them too… there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything i want. pah! ive got some hollidays next month so if i don’t get a chance before i will definately be getting my camera out then (cue lots of ‘house of wax’ style reaching-towards-the-lense poses) and i’ll scan + post my results (you can sort of get the ‘effect’ without the viewer by doing the ‘magic eye’ unfocused eyes trick apparantly!) in the meantime there are some sites worth a look here, here and here.

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