Cause you know what they say about honey bears?

according to the bbc news site : “The man whose drawings brought Winnie the Pooh to life spent the last years of his life hating the bear with very little brain.
The biggest regret in EH Shepard’s life was agreeing to illustrate Winnie the Pooh for AA Milne, as it resulted in the bulk of his work, even during his lifetime, being completely overshadowed.
In his later years, Shepard was heard to describe Pooh as “that silly old bear” and resented his close identification with Milne’s books.
Although he is best remembered today as the man who drew Pooh, Shepard himself saw these illustrations as very much a sideline. Instead his main occupation, from 1921 until 1953, was working as one of Punch magazine’s leading political cartoonists.”

i don’t care if you are A Very Clever Satarist – how can you hate pooh???
poor old bear.


0 thoughts on “Cause you know what they say about honey bears?

  1. Pooh is Disney property now, you know. I imagine once the Cute Factory ™ gets finished carpet bombing our pleasure centers with product after product, Pooh will start to seem like poo for a lot of people.

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