No amputee puns in the title – can you hear me heather mills?

“Additional Cast Unveiled as “Quid Pro Quo” Goes Into Production
On the day that the new HDNet Films feature “Quid Pro Quo” went into production, the company announced that Aimee Mullins, James Frain and Kate Burton have joined the cast that already includes Nick Stahl and Vera Farmiga. HDNet Films heads Jason Kliot and Joana Vicente are making the movie with producers Midge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury. Kliot, Vicente, Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban are executive producers. The writer-director is Carlos Brooks and the film was described today as:
A unique New York love story in which a wheelchair-using public radio journalist named Isaac (Stahl), broken-hearted after being rejected by the similarly disabled love of his life (Mullins), is introduced to a culture of “wannabes” – otherwise able-bodied people who crave to become paralyzed and live life on wheels. Through this culture he meets Fiona (Farmiga), a gorgeous, driven and perhaps self-destructive woman who secretly shares many of Isaac’s motives.”

i’m really glad to see aimee mullins back in the media but i’m concerned that this movie sounds like a not-too-engaging excercise in p.c. it would be a shame for her to be pigeonholed into ‘worthy’ parts for the rest of her life. the stuff she did with mathew barney and alexander mcqueen was so sharp, intelligent and complex (like miss mullins herself?) that it really made an impact on me. im not too sure that this film will do the same. allthough the section about the ‘wanabees’ is intruiging and could well save it from sub-oscar hell. further thoughts once ive seen a trailer.


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