No, no, no, NO, NO, nooooo!

so john dvorak recently predicted that apple will switch to a windows operating system.
“As someone who believed that the Apple OS x86 could gravitate toward the PC rather than Windows toward the Mac, I have to be realistic. It boils down to the add-ons. Linux on the desktop never caught on because too many devices don’t run on that OS. It takes only one favorite gizmo or program to stop a user from changing. Chat rooms are filled with the likes of “How do I get my DVD burner to run on Linux?” This would get old fast at Apple.

Apple has always said it was a hardware company, not a software company. Now with the cash cow iPod line, it can afford to drop expensive OS development and just make jazzy, high-margin Windows computers to finally get beyond that five-percent market share and compete directly with Dell, HP, and the stodgy Chinese makers.

To preserve the Mac’s slick cachet, there is no reason an executive software layer couldn’t be fitted onto Windows to keep the Mac look and feel. Various tweaks could even improve the OS itself. From the Mac to the iPod, it’s the GUI that makes Apple software distinctive. Apple popularized the modern GUI. Why not specialize in it and leave the grunt work to Microsoft? It would help the bottom line and put Apple on the fast track to real growth.

The only fly in the ointment will be the strategic difficulty of breaking the news to the fanatical users. Most were not initially pleased by the switch to Intel’s architecture, and this will make them crazy.”

well, i guess i must be one of them ‘fanatical users’ beacause i think this is not only lunacy but most likely rubbish too. mac osx is superb and this extends well beyond aesthetics – though anyone can tell you that GOOD aesthetic design and usability go hand in hand. to say that apple are a ‘hardware company’ is a fallicy. yes they make grat machines but software packages like ‘iLife’ really can’t be sniffed at.

to paraphrase adam from maccast on this subject, the crucial thing that would be missing would be the soul, the ‘core’ of apple. all the things that set apple, hardware and software apart are the things that seperate steve jobs himself. passion, creativity, aesthetisism and productivity rolled into one.

it is a cult. i am happy to be a ‘fanatical’ member.

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