My cow is not pretty, but it is pretty to me.

there is a new david lynch movie on the horizon and i’m getting wiggly toes just thinking about it. his back catalouge is pure genius and as far as i am concerned he is just getting better and better. the first time i saw mulholland drive there were a few things that troubled me about it (the cheesy acting, the porn star breasts, the dodgy lebian fantasies)

which all played into niggling worries i’d had in the past about his iconography (pedistalistion and destruction?) of ‘perfect’ girls. but then i saw it again. and again. and then i ‘got’ it. i say ‘got’ in inverted commas because you never can tell can you? well anyway, i ‘got’ it and had all my ‘hates’ turned onto their heads (like the end of vanilla sky) into ‘loves’ and i had to do severe penance to the church of lynch for all my nasty thoughts before.
anyway i digress,
this article on cineuropa says:
“David Lynch arrived in Poland to complete filming on Inland Empire, his new film whose screenplay is still shrouded in secret.
The title does not give much away – referring to the four neighbourhoods of Los Angeles close to the Californian desert. “It’s the story of a woman in deep trouble. The story also has a hidden mystery, that’s all I will say on the subject,” declared David Lynch with regard to his film.

The first visit by Lynch to Poland was in 2000 when the director was invited to the Camerimage festival at ?ód?. His fascination since then for this town, headquarters of the famous film school, brought him back two years later. That’s when the project began – in a little bedroom painted green, the first images were taken.
Many Polish actors are in the cast, notably Karolina Gruszka, Krzysztof Majchrzak, Leon Niemczyk, Piotr Andrzejewski. But the main roles are taken by Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Santon.
This time the crew is filming in the ?ód? hotels and in Manufaktura, former factories transformed into a modern commercial-cultural complex.

Production on Inland Empire was not officially announced until the last Cannes festival, by Studio Canal – one of the co-producers of the film. The Polish end of the production is being handled by Marek ?ydowicz, director of the Camerimage festival, in coopération with Fundacja Tumult.
The film’s première is scheduled for the next Cannes festival. In Poland, the film will probably come out in the autumn, and Kino ?wiat will be the distributor.”

so yeah… wibble.

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