Reach out touch faith

There’s been a lot of rumour recently that the next video iPod may have a touch-sensitive screen, with the iPod being controlled by a virtual click wheel that will appear when you touch the screen. however, these rumours (stemming from several patents that apple have filed) may also refer to a tablet computer. The patents mention rotating and centering pages and zooming in and out of documents.

this fom cult of mac:
“In New York, researchers have created a working prototype of a touch-screen interface for a computer that, unlike most touch screens, supports multiple touch points — or multiple people. Running on OS X, the interface is reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s fictional, gesture-based UI in Minority Report — but much cooler.In a demonstration video a user can be seen rearranging digital pictures scattered across a virtual desktop, and resizing them by squeezing their fingers together or splaying them apart. The user also creates some digital art, zooms in on a map and scoots around, and types rapidly on a virtual keyboard.”

i don’t know about anyone else but i made an exited little noise that sounded a bit like ‘erp’ when i watched that video.


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