Oi, are you a goffic?

English usage of the word ‘Goth’ courtesy of wikipedia:

The word “goth” can be used as a noun. e.g. “My best friend is a goth.” Plurally, an S is added. e.g. “At the club there were many goths.” “Gothic” and “goth” can also be used as adjectives interchangeably to describe someone (or in some cases, some thing). Typical examples are “She was wearing a gothic necklace” or “He is goth.” The word “gothic” is sometimes used as a noun in non-English speaking countries, as in “I saw a gothic,” this is comparatively rare and grammatically incorrect. “Goth” cannot be used as a singular name for the group of people. “A member of goth”, for example, does not work because “goth” is not the name of an organized group or gang. To refer correctly to the entire group of people, one would need to say “the goth subculture”, or possibly “the gothic subculture”.

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.


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