Be a tea fascist like corky. herbal is good & pink is best.

from the missives archives of miss love:
anyone that was in chat with me- and you were mostly brits- will remember the other day when i was complaining that the overpaid maid who kept bringing me grey sludge tea with skim milk, sacharine and the BAG still in it was just not getting it.
well today i spent an HOUR showing her how to boil the water(bottled) just frothy, put two tablespoons inthe pot, swish it around, dump it out, ( warms the pot) put two teaspoons for tow cups and one for the pot in, steep it for four minutes and (loose leaf no bag) pour the whole milk into the cup just enough for milky – not brown and not white- just rich- use raw demera sugar not white- and…she quit!

am i insane because i have a tea fetish? i was being really nice! iwasnt being evil or anything! i feel like Faye Dunaway or superdiva or something,
fuck. she just quit- said i was toointense.

jesus, she was only making twice as much as a sixth grade teacher makes,
…………tea! someone print an essay that i can post on the fridge!

all the site ideas were great- jantrenos about links to cool indie bands and lables- fuck amazon and cd now- fuck it, and i rreally want to get the art up ( exzcept the kerrang pencil sketches of me wich no offense make me feel embarassed) ( i used to do them of chrissie hynde believe me)

anyway like im fucking SORRY im not in easy to understand cult starbucks- im fucking sorry i lived in liverpool and new zealand- i was listening to the bends trying to rip off some guitar riff ( owwwww ya caught me!) and i need my damm tea…im working for you people dammit> i need my fucking taylors and hargrove! My harrods christmas blend! my yorkshire! my tetleys!

tea fascist diva clove”

(11-30-00 kittyradio)


2 thoughts on “Be a tea fascist like corky. herbal is good & pink is best.

  1. you have a maid? wow.

    i don’t think you’re being too intense just because you’re picky about how your tea is made… it’s reasonable.

    or what the fuck, did you spazz on her?

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