Peanutbutter popcorn please please please

Peanut Butter Cups
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 package (10 1/2 oz.) miniature marshmallows
6 cups freshly popped popcorn
6 cups spoon-size shredded wheat
1 cup dry roasted peanuts
1 cup raisins

Melt peanut butter and butter in large microwaveable bowl over HIGH heat for 1 minute. Add marshmallows and heat another minute or until marshmallows puff; stir.
Add popcorn, shredded wheat, peanuts and raisins; stir gently.
Place paper liners into two 12-cup muffin pans. Divide mixture into 24 cups.
Bake at 250′ for 10 minutes. Store “cups” in airtight container.

must have now.



No amputee puns in the title – can you hear me heather mills?

“Additional Cast Unveiled as “Quid Pro Quo” Goes Into Production
On the day that the new HDNet Films feature “Quid Pro Quo” went into production, the company announced that Aimee Mullins, James Frain and Kate Burton have joined the cast that already includes Nick Stahl and Vera Farmiga. HDNet Films heads Jason Kliot and Joana Vicente are making the movie with producers Midge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury. Kliot, Vicente, Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban are executive producers. The writer-director is Carlos Brooks and the film was described today as:
A unique New York love story in which a wheelchair-using public radio journalist named Isaac (Stahl), broken-hearted after being rejected by the similarly disabled love of his life (Mullins), is introduced to a culture of “wannabes” – otherwise able-bodied people who crave to become paralyzed and live life on wheels. Through this culture he meets Fiona (Farmiga), a gorgeous, driven and perhaps self-destructive woman who secretly shares many of Isaac’s motives.”

i’m really glad to see aimee mullins back in the media but i’m concerned that this movie sounds like a not-too-engaging excercise in p.c. it would be a shame for her to be pigeonholed into ‘worthy’ parts for the rest of her life. the stuff she did with mathew barney and alexander mcqueen was so sharp, intelligent and complex (like miss mullins herself?) that it really made an impact on me. im not too sure that this film will do the same. allthough the section about the ‘wanabees’ is intruiging and could well save it from sub-oscar hell. further thoughts once ive seen a trailer.


i found this image on devianART ages ago and really love it. ive spent about an hour trying to find it again so i can post a direct link but with no luck. it’s credited as ‘bite that plane’ by tvds – so if you are out there tvds, i love this picture and would love to link you properly. in the meantime i merely offer my praise.

click on it and have a proper look.

the woodlands may never be the same again.

That’s the way you’re built my father said

i’ve just recently heard about the pro-ana movement for the first time. i really should have expected that there would be a ‘movement’ for everything online, but this is truly dillusional and bizarre. from ana’s underground grotto :

“This is a pro-ana website. That means this is a place where anorexia is regarded as a lifestyle and a choice, not an illness or disorder. There are no victims here.

If you believe in the myth that something can rule over you without your consent, if you regard “ana” as a disease rather than a lifestyle or choice, and especially if you see yourself as the victim of an eating disorder, in need of recovery, seeking recovery, or having recovered, it is strongly suggested that you leave this site immediately. IF you choose to ignore this warning, you WILL be triggered by the content of this site and I will NOT be responsible for your decision to play with a loaded psychological gun. There are reasons why firearms are kept locked away from children. So grow a spine if you don’t have a will, and get lost. ”

apparantly, though unsurprisingly, this has a large following with dillusional celebrities like lindsay lohan and is signified by the wearing of a red bracelette (on the opposite wrist from the kabbalah one.)

good grief. not to denigrate the complex and painful condition that is anorexia but must there be a celebrity cult for everything? must they seek so many mental crutches to prop their skinny pins on? truly celebrity is a continued state of arrested development. the self justification of anorexia as a ‘lifestyle choice’ is certainly a long and windy road frought with many a feminist/freedom of speech/psychiatric debate on either side – but please to goodness can’t the stars just KEEP OUT OF IT AND GET SOME THERAPY THAT WORKS!

(as a sidebar, i wonder if they’ve heard about joel and marie)


from the bbc news :
Parents ‘unaware children obese’

The role of parents in tackling obesity is essential, experts say
Parents are often unaware when their children are overweight or obese, a study says.
Researchers surveyed parents of 277 children and found only a quarter of them recognised when their offspring were overweight.

Where children were obese, a third of mothers and 57% of fathers thought they were “about right”, the team at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth found.

Denial and desensitisation to excess weight were to blame for the lack of parental concern, the team said.

The report comes at a time when child obesity rates are soaring.

Among youngsters aged two to four, obesity almost doubled between 1989 and 1998 from 5% to 9%, according to World Health Organization figures.


Among those aged six to 15, obesity rates trebled from 5% to 16% between 1990 and 2001.

The study also said parents were less likely to recognise overweight boys than girls.

Only 27% of overweight or obese boys were classed as at least “a little overweight” compared with 54% of overweight girls.

Overall, 19% of the children, 52% of mothers and 72% of fathers were either overweight or obese.

It is almost impossible for children to address this issue on their own
Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown

Measures to cut obesity revealed

Parents were also unaware of their own weight problems, with 40% of overweight mothers and 45% of overweight fathers saying their own weight was fine.

Report co-author Alison Jeffrey, a senior research nurse at the hospital’s EarlyBird Research Centre, said acknowledging excess weight was “essential” to tackling the problem.

“The reasons for poor awareness might include denial, reluctance to admit a weight problem, or desensitisation to excess weight because being overweight has become normal.”

She also said the study, published on the British Medical Journal website, showed obesity was a problem across all social groups.

Dr Ian Campbell, president of the National Obesity Forum, said he was surprised by the findings.

“Previous research had suggested parents were quite good a picking up on the problem.

“The pertinent point is that if parents do not identify that there is a problem, then children are less likely to get help.”

A separate survey of 319 parents commissioned by Norwich Union Healthcare found more than 80% of parents intend to be more accountable for their child’s weight.

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, from Warwick Medical School, added: “What happens in the family is extremely important.

“It is almost impossible for children to address this issue on their own.

“While children are responsible for what they put in their mouths, parents are responsible for what is put on their plates.”

She said the traditional assumption that excess weight was just “puppy fat” was wrong.

However, she said people would become more aware of the dangers of obesity following the Public Health White Paper but it would take time.

The paper, published last week, proposed a range of measures to combat obesity, including a coding system for food and a ban on junk food TV advertising before 9pm.”

it’s the statistic that “Where children were obese, a third of mothers and 57% of fathers thought they were “about right” that i find most frightening. whilst obesity is currently america’s number one health threat

i may write a diet book. it will have three chapters:

chapter 1: don’t eat too much crap
chapter 2: do a bit of excercise
chapter 3: err.. that’s it really

i’m being flip of course and i fully realise that its not as easy as that for those with any of the multitude of physical and psycological food issues kicking around the 21st century but its the way it all filters down to every bridget jones in the country that gets to me. we are a nation of people hoping for mental illness blame lables.

no slimfast, no atkins, no cabbage soup, no skinny soya latte ya ya

don’t live on fried breakfasts and chippies. don’t spend all your money on beer and fags.

you are not kate moss

you are not henry the VIII

this is not the coluseum

do not binge

do not purge

stop blaming starbucks for your problems.


must stop typing, slipping into tyler durdenisms. must lie down with cold compress over eyes. i hear damp tea bags are good.

mm tea.

yes, a nice cup of tea i think…

Make it taste like chocolate and look like a flower (a tea fascism side note)

tea flavours i want to try:

cherry, rum, valentine’s

from my favourite site for buying tea – adagio teas

edit: interesting tea discussion here concerning the great ‘milk or no milk’ question. personaly i am, believe it or not a no milker however i value tthe opinion of anyone with a tea ‘regime’ and have a particular soft spot for the ‘english’ milk and two (or two and a coo round here) as a standard worth preserving.

that yaks butter sounds ‘interesting’ though….

Does not take sugar. Frightened of putting on weight? (tea fascism part V)

no matter how desperate your situation, there is always time for a proper cuppa:
SCENE: Number 6’s kitchen. Number 86 is trying to slip him some drugged tea.

No. 6: There’s one thing, though: I cannot stand girls who don’t know how to make a decent cup of tea. (pours out cup.) A lesson: Empty pot. Rinse out. Warm the pot, always. (pours kettle water into pot) Rinse out. Now…. (pours spoonful of tea leaves) One for me, (another spoonful) one for thee, (another spoonful) one for the pot, (another spoonful) one for luck. Boiling water. Swtich off. Let stand for one monent. Oh, uh, pour the milk for me would you please? (6 goes to cupboard) Cup. Saucer. (86 slips some powder into 6’s cup as he watches out of the corner of his eye) Spoon. Good. Oh, the sugar, please, in the cupboard. (86 goes to another cupboard, 6 switches cups) Thank you. Pour …should be just about nice.

No. 2: (watching from the Green Dome) All charmingly domestic. (to midget butler) I think I’d like some tea!

— The Prisoner, A Change of Mind.

transcibed by myopicman on metafilter

My cow is not pretty, but it is pretty to me.

there is a new david lynch movie on the horizon and i’m getting wiggly toes just thinking about it. his back catalouge is pure genius and as far as i am concerned he is just getting better and better. the first time i saw mulholland drive there were a few things that troubled me about it (the cheesy acting, the porn star breasts, the dodgy lebian fantasies)

which all played into niggling worries i’d had in the past about his iconography (pedistalistion and destruction?) of ‘perfect’ girls. but then i saw it again. and again. and then i ‘got’ it. i say ‘got’ in inverted commas because you never can tell can you? well anyway, i ‘got’ it and had all my ‘hates’ turned onto their heads (like the end of vanilla sky) into ‘loves’ and i had to do severe penance to the church of lynch for all my nasty thoughts before.
anyway i digress,
this article on cineuropa says:
“David Lynch arrived in Poland to complete filming on Inland Empire, his new film whose screenplay is still shrouded in secret.
The title does not give much away – referring to the four neighbourhoods of Los Angeles close to the Californian desert. “It’s the story of a woman in deep trouble. The story also has a hidden mystery, that’s all I will say on the subject,” declared David Lynch with regard to his film.

The first visit by Lynch to Poland was in 2000 when the director was invited to the Camerimage festival at ?ód?. His fascination since then for this town, headquarters of the famous film school, brought him back two years later. That’s when the project began – in a little bedroom painted green, the first images were taken.
Many Polish actors are in the cast, notably Karolina Gruszka, Krzysztof Majchrzak, Leon Niemczyk, Piotr Andrzejewski. But the main roles are taken by Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Santon.
This time the crew is filming in the ?ód? hotels and in Manufaktura, former factories transformed into a modern commercial-cultural complex.

Production on Inland Empire was not officially announced until the last Cannes festival, by Studio Canal – one of the co-producers of the film. The Polish end of the production is being handled by Marek ?ydowicz, director of the Camerimage festival, in coopération with Fundacja Tumult.
The film’s première is scheduled for the next Cannes festival. In Poland, the film will probably come out in the autumn, and Kino ?wiat will be the distributor.”

so yeah… wibble.