Part 6 : Equity for artists

A new company that gives artists true equity in their
work can take over the world, kick ass and make a lot of
money. We’re inspired by how people get paid in the new
economy. Many visual artists and software and hardware
designers have real ownership of their work.

I have a 14-year-old niece. She used to want to be a rock
star. Before that she wanted to be an actress. As of six
months ago, what do you think she wants to be when she grows
up? What’s the glamorous, emancipating career of choice? Of
course, she wants to be a Web designer. It’s such a
glamorous business!

When you people do business with artists, you have to
take a different view of things. We want to be treated with
the respect that now goes to Web designers. We’re not
Dockers-wearing Intel workers from Portland who know how to
“manage our stress.” We don’t understand or want to
understand corporate culture.

I feel this obscene gold rush greedgreedgreed vibe that
bothers me a lot when I talk to dot-com people about all
this. You guys can’t hustle artists that well. At least
slick A&R guys know the buzzwords. Don’t try to compete
with them. I just laugh at you when you do! Maybe you could
a year ago when anything dot-com sounded smarter than the
rest of us, but the scam has been uncovered.

The celebrity-for-sale business is about to crash, I
hope, and the idea of a sucker VC gifting some company with
four floors just because they can “do” “chats” with
“Christina” once or twice is ridiculous. I did a chat today,
twice. Big damn deal. 200 bucks for the software and some
elbow grease and a good back-end coder. Wow. That’s not
worth 150 million bucks.

… I mean, yeah, sure it is if you’d like to give it to

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