Part 11 : Conclusion


I’m looking for people to help connect me to more fans,
because I believe fans will leave a tip based on the
enjoyment and service I provide. I’m not scared of them
getting a preview. It really is going to be a global village
where a billion people have access to one artist and a
billion people can leave a tip if they want to.

It’s a radical democratization. Every artist has access
to every fan and every fan has access to every artist, and
the people who direct fans to those artists. People that
give advice and technical value are the people we need.
People crowding the distribution pipe and trying to ignore
fans and artists have no value. This is a perfect

If you’re going to start a company that deals with
musicians, please do it because you like music. Offer some
control and equity to the artists and try to give us some
creative guidance. If music and art and passion are
important to you, there are hundreds of artists who are
ready to rewrite the rules.

In the last few years, business pulled our culture away
from the idea that music is important and emotional and
sacred. But new technology has brought a real opportunity
for change; we can break down the old system and give
musicians real freedom and choice.

A great writer named Neal Stephenson said that America
does four things better than any other country in the world:
rock music, movies, software and high-speed pizza delivery.
All of these are sacred American art forms. Let’s return to
our purity and our idealism while we have this shot.

Warren Beatty once said: “The greatest gift God gives us
is to enjoy the sound of our own voice. And the second
greatest gift is to get somebody to listen to it.”

And for that, I humbly thank you.


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